Episode 1 Of 'Breaking Mr. Hart' Now Playing On NakedSword.com

SAN FRANCISCO—Today, NakedSword has released the first episode of its new movie, Breaking Mr. Hart, from a new production company, Golden Age Films, made exclusively for NakedSword. The mission of Golden Age Films is to merge modern day sex and production values with the storytelling of the "golden age" of porn. This first film was written and directed by D.P. Welles and stars Pierce Paris, Max Adonis, Remy Cruise, Woody Fox, Damon Heart and Dean Phoenix.

Breaking Mr. Hart shows how a group of hot guys that are stuck working nine to five for a sexist, egotistical, lying bigot band together to devise a plan to turn the tables on their horrible boss. Jake (Pierce Paris) has had enough of his boss Mr. Hart’s (Dean Phoenix) sexual games. He arranges to meet with two other victims, Rod (Max Adonis) and Victor (Remy Cruze) and persuade them to join forces to pay him back for what he’s done to all of them. As they tell their stories, viewers meet another victim, Cole (Woody Fox), and the boss‘ accomplice, assistant Darren (Damon Heart), but the key to everything may just be the boss’ wife Missy (Nina Hartley)! Will their plan go off without a hitch, or will they find themselves in even more trouble when they try Breaking Mr. Hart?

In Episode One, the first scene to be released, viewers will see Max Adonis tell his co-workers about his encounter with their boss, Mr. Hart (Dean Phoenix). Recounting the scenario, Rod is made to strip naked in front of Mr. Hart’s leering eyes. Then, when they both end up naked in the pool, the boss gets a feel for his employee’s crotch before sliding it down his throat. After a close call nearly getting caught by Mr. Hart’s wife, they move to the lawn, where Mr. Hart rims Rod into submission.

Writer/director D.P. Welles said of the first episode, "This scene was a great deal of fun to make. We have everything from underwater hand jobs to Max getting blown while he sits on Dean’s shoulders, as well as some great positions and fucking. All three of our cast, Max, Dean and the legendary Nina Hartley bring their comedy A-game, and I especially love our original score in this scene that puts you right in the mind of Max’s character as he figures out how to deal with his sleazy boss."

Tim Valenti, President of Falcon Studios Group and The NakedSword Network, said of the new project, "We are happy to be the first place D.P. Welles took his new ideas to find a home. His story-driven films are as entertaining as they are sexy and I think they will find a welcoming audience on NakedSword."

Those interested may watch Episode One of Breaking Mr. Hart, now playing only on the 'Netflix of Gay Porn,' NakedSword.com. The following three episodes will be released once a week till the end of September.