Disruptive Films Debuts Part Two of 'For You, I Will'

MINNEAPOLIS—Disruptive Films makes its very first foray into double penetration sex with part two of the release of For You, I Will, from filmmakers Michael Vegas, Siouxsie Q, and Jessica Jasmin. The scene and full movie are available now at AsgMax.com streaming platform.

Part two features Carter Woods as Wyatt, a young man with his sights set on his obsession, Cory Potts (Dante Colle). When Wyatt follows Cory to a bathhouse, he sees just how much Potts wants to get away from his life (and his wife). Wyatt loses track of Potts in the bathhouse but finds himself in a threesome with Jay Tee, Blain O’Connor, and Roman Todd.

To watch the scene, click here.

“Being a part of the threesome was such an awesome experience, and it was so hot being with Jay Tee and Roman,” O’Connor said. “I loved showing off my bottoming skill with a DP.”

Todd also hailed the new release, “Filming for Disruptive Films is always an amazing time, but when you get to film with two other amazing performers it just makes everything so much better! Jay Tee and Blain O'Connor were so easy to work with and absolutely sexy as fuck, so to me it was so much more fun than it was work.”

Director Jessica Jasmin agreed, “This was the first scene we shot for the movie, and it set the tone for the rest of the shoot with the high energy and out-of-this-world performances. It was such a pleasure to get to shoot with Roman and Blain again and to work with Jay Tee for the first time!”

“For You, I Will Part 1” is also available on Asgmax.com, part of Disruptive Films and Gamma Films Group/Alpha Studio Group’s lineup of titles at DisruptiveFilms.com.

For more information, visit DisruptiveFilms.com or follow the brand, Jessica Jasmin, Michael Vegas, and Siouxsie Q on Twitter @FilmsDisruptive, @Thecarterwoods, @JessicaxJasmin, @ItsMichaelVegas and @SiouxsieQMedia, respectively.