CarnalPlus Releases New BoyForSale, Gaycest, and ScoutBoys Scenes

MINNEAPOLIS—Carnal Media studios BoyForSale, Gaycest, and ScoutBoys have released new episodes on
Carnal Exclusives Eddie Patrick and Adam Snow trade ownership of Carnal star Serg Shepard on BoyForSale’s The Boy Serg series this week in chapter five, “The Auction.” A brief synopsis of the scene was provided:
"As Master Patrick puts the young slave through his paces, Master Snow waits ever so patiently to stake his claim on his newest prize."
The Gaycest  Staying with Dad series features “Early to Rise,” as Mr. Scott (Reese Scott) wakes up to his boy Hunter (Hunter Graham).
ScoutBoys releases chapter seven of the Scout Colton series, “Scoutmaster’s Secret," as Scoutmaster Ryan St. Michael hungrily savors the sights of his favorite Scout (Colton Fox).
“This Valentine’s Day, BoyForSale is bringing out the Carnal all-stars, Gaycest is paying homage to the family unit, and ScoutBoys is delving deep into the tight bonds of brotherhood,” said Carnal Media CMO Alan Breslaw. "This week is packed with so many favorites that viewers won't know what to watch first."
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