Carnal Media Debuts Scenes From BoyForSale, Gaycest, ScoutBoys

MINNEAPOLIS—Carnal Media is debuting three new scenes from BoyForSale, Gaycest, and ScoutBoys on CarnalPlus.

“This week, we’re unveiling three exceptional scenes that mark the evolving journeys of our exclusive stars as they embark on fresh storylines that reflect life's transitions and the pursuit of personal fulfillment,” said Carnal Media CEO Legrand Wolf. “Grab a front-row seat and enjoy the evolution—and unexpected twists—as our characters take pleasure in the Carnal explorations that lie ahead.”

“New Life,” from BoyForSale’s The Boy Bastian series, features Bastian Karim as he says goodbye to Master Apolo Andrii and Europe in preparation for his trip to the U.S. with Master Legrand Wolf. The new installment follows the episodes “European Merchandise” and “International Buyer.” To watch the scene, click here.

Serge Shepard is next in Gaycest’s ‘Next Steps,” where he plans to head back home to Ukraine, but not before his long-lost father Legrand Wolf makes the most of their special time together in chapter six of The Ties That Bind. To watch, click here.

In “The Pledge,” the debut of the new ScoutBoys series Scout Milo, studio exclusive Milo Miles is the handsome recruit inducted into the Elite Scouts by Scoutmaster Tyler Saint. To watch, click here.

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