Boyfun Signs Lucas Drake to Exclusive Deal

LIVONIA, Mich.— has signed an exclusive four-month deal with performer Lucas Drake that begins March 1. Lucas has been attracting fans since he debut in porn, and he's built a following not only in Europe but all over the world as well.

Recently, Drake let it be known he was looking for new adventures and a new home. "It was posted on Twitter that Lucas Drake was looking for a new studio to call home, and we quickly reached out to each other to see if we could make it work," said studio rep Brent Axford.

“Once we worked out the numbers per scene with our producer Michael Burling and Lucas, the deal came together really quickly,” Axford added. “We did one test scene together to ensure that Lucas felt comfortable with our style of shooting, and once that was a success, the deal was signed."

The first test scene Lucas Drake shot—with UK newcomer Taylor Mason—will be released at on March 1. Eight more scenes will be released over the next coming months, and then both parties will decide if they want to extend the deal another four to six months at that time. 

“We are very excited to show the current fans of Lucas a new way and style of shooting him. And our own member base is very excited to having him coming," said Brent Axford.

Lucas Drake can be found on Twitter at @lucas_drake_XXX.

Boyfun can be found on Twitter at @Officialboyfun.

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