ASGmax Releases 'Free Use Throuple'

SAN DIEGO—ASGmax has released a new scene, "Free Use Thruple," featuring exclusive contract star Kyle Wyncrest, who joins real-life couple Carter Collins and Oliver Marks.

“Filming this Free Use scene was like nothing else I have ever done,” said Wyncrest. “I think the hardest part was staying serious and not breaking character or busting out laughing during the scene. I really enjoyed working with Carter and Oliver because they were super laid-back dudes.”

The experience I had shooting my scene started with a lot of nerves,” said Collins.“And little knowledge on how to shoot a free use scene. My scene partners, Kyle and Oliver (who is my real-life partner) made it comfortable and comical—which made it really great to get through! I had a lot of fun by the end of the scene, and I still tell my friends stories from set that day!”

I think that scene was probably one of the more peculiar scenes I have had to do for sure,” commented Marks. “It was a lot of fun, but also a challenge to not laugh while having sex and having a casual conversation. It was a lot of fun to film overall, and led to some pretty genuine conversations after the fact.”

“I loved filming Free Use Thruple with these guys,” exclaimed director Big Mike. "Honestly, it was an ultimate fantasy of mine that Oliver, Carter, and Kyle got to live out. It was really cute to see all of them enjoying getting to know each other—almost as great as it was to witness the amazing sex!”

“We really enjoyed taking a meta approach to the concept on this one,” explained ASG chief creative officer Jeremy Babcock. “Casting a real-life couple to recruit a third was a fun twist on this already unique content. The casual approach to sex is so fun to see played out with a real couple.”

“ASG Free Use: Free Use Thruple”  is now streaming on

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