ASGmax Exclusive Jayden Marcos Wins 2024 GayVN Best Actor

SANTA CLARITA, Calif.—ASGMax has announced that exclusive model Jayden Marcos won Best Actor in a Featurette at the 2024 GayVN Awards. Marcos was awarded for his work in Disruptive Films’ "Marriage Material." 

Director Walden Woods explained, "Having Jayden on set is always so exciting 'cause you know he’s going to bring something special to the character. When we were going over the script and starting to pace out the beats, I could see in his eyes and his reactions that he was about to bring that Jayden charm and nail this role. He added romance, sweetness, and an abundance of charisma in each line he delivered. He has this signature moment where after he says something adorable, he lets it linger and hit home, in this film he did it in spades. It was a pleasure to work with him and I am extremely proud of the actor he has become and his accomplishments."

The short film co-starred Calvin Banks.

Marcos shared, "I don't think the scene would've been as good with anyone other than Calvin Banks. His skills and humor were really able to bring out my best. I absolutely love shooting Disruptive Films. It adds a level of realness and requires a level of emotion and acting that most normal scenes don't, which is something I love to be a part of."

Writer Taylor Saracen said, "Jayden and Calvin have a sweetness to them. They’re genuine, kind, and charismatic, and that comes through on film. We wanted a really swoony scene for our True Male line and what’s more romantic than Jayden Marcos and Calvin Banks expertly playing two men falling in love? I’m happy they had fun with it."

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