AEBN, Pitbull Reaffirm Exclusive Deal, Launch New Titles

CHARLOTTE, NCGay thugporn studio Pitbull Productions has extended for another three years its exclusive content agreement with web-based video-on-demand provider AEBN, the companies announced Wednesday.

The studio also provided AEBN with a group of new titles in support of the agreement. Among the new videos set to debut soon on the AEBN network are Amazon Ass-Splitters, Under Da Hood, T.H.U.G. L O V E and New Thug City.

New Thug City is of particular significance, as it marks the return to porn of Pitbull favorite Supreme, a Pitbull spokesman said.

Pitbull Productions defined the thugporn niche with its habit of featuring blatino thugs recruited directly from the mean streets. The studio first inked a VOD deal with AEBN in January 2007.

“I’m excited that we’ll be continuing our partnership with Pitbull,” AEBN’s Chris Baker said. “We’ve loved working so closely with them over the years, and I look forward to more. I’m sure our relationship will continue to flourish over the next three years of this deal.”

Pitbull was no less happy with the arrangement.

“Pitbull Productions and AEBN are a powerful partnership,” director Jalin Fuentes said. “We look forward to making great strides in the next three years with AEBN’s amazing expertise in the [pay-per-view] marketplace. It is an honor to be associated with AEBN.”

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