Rick Andreoli Joins Unzipped Media

LOS ANGELES—Rick Andreoli has joined Unzipped Media as executive editor for the magazine group that includes Men and Freshmen. He also will serve as editor in chief of the company’s flagship product, Unzipped magazine.

In his new position, Andreoli will guide Unzipped as the magazine moves forward in a planned expansion of its focus on the gay adult entertainment industry to include more culture, lifestyle and in-depth feature articles about and for men who love men, a company statement revealed. In addition, he will oversee all of Unzipped Media’s online properties, including the re-launch of MenMachine.com and Unzipped.net.

A longtime writer for such publications as The Advocate and Metro Source: Los Angeles, Andreoli also authored the book Mondo Homo: Your Essential Guide to Queer Pop Culture (Alyson Books, 2004). His most recent work as a television screenwriter, as well as writing and producing online content for websites like Lexus magazine, will serve him well in a supervisory position encompassing print, online content and new media, an Unzipped spokesman said.

“The next few months are going to see some major changes with the Unzipped Media properties, and we needed someone with a uniquely broad vision for how to achieve all those goals,” Unzipped Media President and Publisher Dustin Tyner said. “I’ve known Rick and followed his work for years, so I asked him for thoughts about how we could improve the websites and better tie them into the magazines. His ideas were so outside-the-box and enthusiastic that I knew he was the right man for the job.”

According to Andreoli, “It’s really exciting to have a management team that not only wants you to take chances and explore new territory, but also encourages it. Gay readers are very web-savvy, they’re up on the latest lifestyle and cultural happenings, and they like having a little sex in their day. Right now there is no one magazine or website that delivers all of those things in one package. Unzipped magazine and Unzipped.net are here to fill that void.”

Besides the addition of Andreoli as executive editor, three other staff changes have taken place to help the company realize expanded goals and vision: Managing Editor Winston Gieseke was promoted to editor in chief of Men and Freshmen magazines. He will remain managing editor of Unzipped. Former Online Editor Sean Carnage is now editor in chief of Unzipped.net and Zachary Sire has been promoted from assistant editor to associate editor for all Unzipped Media properties.

“With all that’s been happening politically, we’re at a pivotal time in gay culture and I’m thrilled to be part of an organization that entertains and informs while unabashedly promoting this wonderful ‘homosexual agenda’ we keep hearing about,” said Gieseke.

Added Andreoli: “I’ve been a fan of the Unzipped Media titles for years—both as a reader and as a writer for the print publications—and I can’t wait to see how this editorial team can further the brands, both in print and on the web.”

For more information about Unzipped Media and its products, visit UnzippedMedia.com.