Pjur Signs On As Sponsor For Dominic Ford Online Show

KEY WEST, Fla.—Pjur Group USA has announced that it is the presenting sponsor for Season 2 of Dominic Ford’s So You Think You Can Fuck online reality show.

"Season 1 was a huge success, but people wanted to know more about the guys and get to see them interact more,” explained Ford. “They also wanted more cut-throat competition and eliminations. We are hoping this season's format will fill those needs. We are creating new challenges that involve their personalities. We will really spend quality time getting to know each guy over the course of the show, not just in one episode. Plus, there will be eliminations during the show, which we didn't have last year."

In this season's show, six contestants will compete over the course of nine weeks in group challenges and sex scenes. The winner (voted on by Internet viewers) will be crowned “America’s Favorite Porn Star” and will win prizes, including an international media blitz.

This year’s winner will also be named the Pjur Man Spokesman for 2011, featured in ad campaigns by Pjur and will be seen at live events promoting the Pjur Man product line, the company’s exclusive male line.

“Pjur has been with DominicFord.com since the very beginning of our site. We are humbled and exited to be able to work with them so closely as part of this show, and to offer our winning contestant a prize that will live on well after Season 2 ends,”

 Ford said.

Season 2 is airing now at SoYouThinkYouCanFuck.net.

The Pjur Man commercials will be viewable in their entirety at PjurMan.com once their episodes air on SoYouThinkYouCanFuck.net.

For more information on the show contact [email protected] or [email protected].