Teams with Pjur

NEW YORK -, a Web-based gay adult studio, and personal-products manufacturer Pjur Group have formed an alliance under which the two companies will market and cross-promote each other's brands across multiple distribution channels.

Ford made a splash last month when he released what is believed to be the first 3D gay hardcore content for the Web. His eponymous website plans to release new 3D content at a pace of one new scene or photo set weekly.

The studio also produces 2D content.

Signing an exclusive co-marketing agreement with Pjur made perfect sense, Ford said.

"We use Pjur products exclusively [already]," Ford said. "They are the simply the best in the industry. Our models are continually impressed that we use Pjur products, as they prefer Pjur lubricants to other lubricants in their personal lives."

Ford said his studio and Pjur will work together on cross-promotional and marketing events like the upcoming GAYVN Awards. has signed on as a sponsor of the awards festivities, and products from both Ford's studio and Pjur will be included in the GAYVN Awards gift bags. Each attendee will receive a pair of logo 3D glasses and samples sizes from Pjur.

Because must snail-mail the 3D glasses to new members, Ford said new members are in a unique position to receive Pjur samples, as well.

" is doing something new in the industry," said Pjur Group USA chief executive Richie Harris. "Their 3D films and photographs clearly set them apart from the rest of the industry. Pjur lubricants, including our Pjur Man Personal Glide, have also set a benchmark for the rest of the industry. We are the best-selling silicone formula worldwide.

"We are excited that has chosen to work with our brand exclusively, and we look forward to working with another brand that is clearly trying new ideas in the industry," Harris added.

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