Corbin Fisher Celebrates Nine Years with Sales, Charity Donations

LAS VEGAS, NV — Corbin Fisher celebrates nine years by giving back to both local and national charities and to its fans. 

Started in 2004, the Corbin Fisher site featuring American college men was an immediate success. Over the years, the brand evolved to include both straight and bisexual content. In 2011, the company broke new ground with its micropayment site, CF Select. 

To celebrate the ninth anniversary of the site, membership prices have been discounted and numerous collections are on sale at CF Select. 

CEO Jason Gibson remains committed to supporting non-profits with marriage and sexuality equality agendas. For the third year in a row, Equality Florida (EQFL) received a gift from Corbin Fisher. EQFL, a St. Petersburg-based non profit, made headlines in 2010, when they were instrumental in overturning Florida's ban on same-sex couples right to adopt children. 

2012 saw Corbin Fisher take up its studio residency in Las Vegas and Gibson insisted on making local contributions as well to The Center for Gay and Lesbian Youth. The company also donated to the HRC Federal Club. 

Gibson said, "Both the company and I have been extremely fortunate to be supported by fans all over the world. It's our privilege to give back not just to our fans, but also organizations that work hard to fight for equal rights for all people."

Corbin Fisher employees themselves are encouraged to donate time and money to charitable organizations through a matching-funds policy and paid time off for volunteer work for accredited groups. 

The sale began January 14, celebrating the date the Corbin Fisher site launched.