CockyBoys Announce 'The Evolution of Pierre Fitch'

NEW YORK, NY — During the past few months, Pierre Fitch has been getting awfully cozy with CockyBoys; filming in NYC and Montreal, as well as starring in the upcoming CockyBoys feature film Project GoGo Boy alongside a slew of CockyBoys exclusives.

Today, CockyBoys announced that Pierre Fitch has entered into a long term agreement with the studio as an exclusive performer and that he will partner with CockyBoys to redesign and relaunch his award-winning website,, under the Big Bling Affiliate network. In addition to the site redesign, the new will feature all-new content that takes a reality-based look into Pierre Fitch's sexploits with first-timers and established stars alike.

The announcement comes afterPierre's 13 years of being in the business, both as a performer and as an entrepreneur whose accomplishments include starting his own website, being selected as one of the first Fleshjack models, maintaining an ever-popular live cam presence and becoming an internationally renowned DJ.

CockyBoys owner and director Jake Jaxson says, "I can say with sincerity that I consider it a great honor thatPierrehas agreed to become an exclusive CockyBoy. He is an amazing performer, a smart businessman and such an engaging personality! What he has created, totally on his own, is nothing short of inspiring. I consider him family and look forward to seeing what possibilities will arise from our collaboration."

Fitch says, "I've been working on and off with CockyBoys for the past year. It's kind of like we have been dating and now we're finally getting married. After entertaining several other offers, I came to CockyBoys because no one is doing what they are doing. They are a really creative company and are constantly thinking outside of the box. Working with Jake Jaxson and CockyBoys is unlike anything I've done in this space to date, and I believe that my work on the upcoming CockyBoys feature  Project Go Go Boy is my best work yet. While I'm at CockyBoys, fans are going to see a side of me that they have never seen before."

Creative director Benny Morecock goes on to say, "Pierre Fitch is truly one of the most famous porn stars on the planet and is today as charismatic, dynamic and popular as he's ever been. We have already seen a big change in Pierre since he started working with us, so I can't wait for his devoted fans and everyone else to witness the 'evolution of Pierre Fitch' with CockyBoys in the years to come."

In related news, Fitch has decided to help out his fellow CockyBoy, Jake Bass, in his pursuit of having custom-made Fleshjack toys of himself created. As a part of CockyBoys's massive Cock the Vote campaign, Fitch and Bass made a video outreach to fans around the world

Watch the Fitch and Bass Cock the Vote video.