Corbin Fisher Makes Mondays 'Unlimited'

LAS VEGAS, NV—It's no April Fool's. Corbin Fisher, the premiere gay online site for collegiate men, is changing things up. Monday updates on the site traditionally introduced new freshmen models in a solo scene. Now, Mondays become “Unlimited.” CF: Unlimited launches Monday, April 4. The change reflects an evolution in style and content for the award-winning site.

“We've shown some of the tremendous talents of our videography team with the video profiles of our top guys. Now, we're taking it a step further,” said Corbin Fisher CEO, Jason Gibson.

The cutting-edge profile videos, launched in 2009, provided fans a more personal look at some of the top men of CF, in an experimental style and setting unrivaled in the adult entertainment industry.

Gibson added, “The title really says it all – we want to make Monday a no-limit zone. We have all types of things planned. Behind-the-scenes footage, private interviews with the guys talking about sex and their personal experiences at CF, short films, spoofs, narratives … if you can think of it, we plan to try it out.”

While the solo videos are phasing out, hardcore action will continue to play a part in Monday's Unlimited updates.

“We want to give our videographers more creative freedom, especially with regard to the more sexually-charged segments,” Gibson said.

 “Quite frankly, our members likely were as excited to watch solos as we were to film them—not very much," said Corbin Fisher COO, Brian Dunlap, "It seems as if the role solos play in the industry is to be easy-to-shoot, easy-to-edit, and cheap-to-produce filler content. Today's audience craves more, and we craved creating more.

“In addition to the four weekly action updates we create for our sites, the production of CF Unlimited every week will be a challenge we are excited about meeting—even though it will be more expensive, be more labor intensive, and it will require more creativity from our talented production team," Gibson continued. "We feel this unique presentation of the guys will be very appealing to our audience and further distinguish us from our competition."

In addition, the two sub-sites of Corbin Fisher, Amateur College Men and Amateur College Sex, will change their names to American College Men and American College Sex.

“The name change doesn't mean we are moving away from our roots. In fact we will continue to specialize in finding fresh guys that are brand new to the industry, many of whom would otherwise never even consider doing porn,” Gibson explained. “We will continue to showcase them as they explore all areas of their sexuality on camera with our growing stable of more experienced upperclassmen. We've grown as a company and a studio and we feel our name should reflect that.”

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