Brian Dunlap Named Chief Biz Dev Officer of Corbin Fisher

LAS VEGAS, NV—Brian Dunlap, until recently chief operations officer for Corbin Fisher, has been named chief business development officer for the company. Dunlap, who was originally hired as an outside consultant for the company, joined Corbin Fisher as the director of marketing in 2005. As the company grew, he took on additional duties, eventually becoming COO.

“With Corbin Fisher undertaking a host of new projects as well as growing exponentially, Brian is the perfect person to head up and execute new ventures,” said Jason Gibson, Corbin Fisher CEO. “It's an exciting time for the company, as we build upon the success and solid foundations of existing brands and products to grow and expand the company and its activities, and I'm thrilled to be spearheading high profile projects like the recently-launched CF Select, the upcoming and evolution of the main Corbin Fisher site, as well as other projects we have planned.”

In his role, Dunlap will be the senior leader in developing new business and strategic partnerships, overseeing development of products and services, leading strategic planning and guiding all marketing, customer service and public relations activities. Gibson will maintain responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the company as well as oversee the long-term strategic goals. A long-time veteran of the online adult industry, Dunlap's experience covers almost every base from affiliate marketer to content producer.

“As a key member of our executive staff, Dunlap has been a big part of our success,” Gibson added. “We look forward to even more success with him in that role.”

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