Zupko's Back And Elegant's Got Him

As has been rumored for several days, director Thomas Zupko has made a deal to make a new video for Elegant Angel. The video, to be called Flesh Circus has been described by Zupko as "a cross between The Devil In Miss Jones and Dante's Inferno."

"I feel great," Zupko told AVN.com. "I took two months off to deprogram myself, and the reaction I'm getting at Elegant, I almost have the same passion and desire for making movies that I did when I first started, back in 1996.

"I had a meeting with Patrick [Collins] and Axel [Braun] to see what I can and can't do as far as content. I have it structured. In the circus, there are symbolic things of her life, like Dante's Inferno or the Stations Of The Cross," Zupko explained. "I've tried to refine it to make it more in the bounds of 'acceptability,' which has made it a lot better. For me, the way it's evolved, it's become more effective."

Flesh Circus is scheduled for a two-day shoot later this month, with a planned release in early May. Casting is continuing, but Olivia Del Rio, Brittany Blue and Veronica Caine are scheduled.