Zero Tolerance Signs Amber Lynn To Multi-Picture Deal

CANOGA PARK, Calif. - Zero Tolerance Entertainment has signed AVN Hall of Famer Amber Lynn to an exclusive, multi-picture deal.

"There are very few people in the world – not just the adult world — that can be identified by just one name," said Zero Tolerance owner Greg Alves. "When someone says the name 'Amber' in the adult world, it’s a given that they’re talking about Amber Lynn. She brings a sense of class and respect with her that is really unparalleled."

A video of the contract signing is now online at AVN Live.

"You don't meet Greg and not love him," Lynn said at the signing. "When Lisa [Ann] called me and said, 'I want to introduce you to somebody I know in the business who wants to shoot you,' I was at a dance gig in Sacramento at the Gold Club, just about a month ago, and when I walked in, there were all of these company posters on the wall with all the entertainers that had kind of hung their posters, and I had just walked by a poster that had Courtney Cummz and I looked at the person that was with me who was tour-managing that weekend, and I said, 'Who's that little hottie, and who's that company? Have you ever heard of Zero Tolerance?'"

"And so when Lisa called and said, 'I want to introduce you to Greg and he wants to shoot you,' I said, 'That's so funny because I was just looking at this poster of this little hottie and I really like the crispness of the photography.' So when I came in, the first thing I said to Greg was, 'Let me see your stuff,' and he handed me a few disks and he said, 'Go home and look at this; tell me what you think of it.' And I love the raw sexuality that he's got going on, and this is not just about a feature; it's about presenting myself sexually to my fans again."

Those would be, among others, the fans who shook their booties for Lynn at the Gold Club, and told her that she's the one who really taught them how to fuck, assuring her, "You know, if I know a name, I know your name, and I'm so glad that you're coming back."

The current contract is for seven movies and lots of promotion of Lynn's career by Zero Tolerance, but it didn't start out that way.

"Originally, it was going to be a six-picture deal," Lynn explained, "and Greg kept expanding it and as we got in here and started to work on our ideas, we just kind of really had a meeting of the minds on this whole thing and got really excited. He decided that originally it was just going to be a performance contract, and a package deal, and then he decided, 'I want you exclusively and I want us to be able to work together, and if things work out, I want the opportunity to expand on this relationship,' so it just turned into a really great thing."

Lynn will be able to exercise total creative control over her projects, in consultation with Alves and Lisa Ann, who thanks to her existing arrangement with the company, is assisting Lynn with some of the contractual details.

"She brought me here to Greg," Lynn said. "And I'm always used to doing all my own business, so it was different for me to open up to that, but it's been really a pleasure to be able to work with Lisa Ann and the things that she's been able to bring to the table in this contract between us, and so we're just really excited about it. And Lisa Ann will also be doing some work inside of the projects as well."

"I couldn't be happier to put Greg and Amber Lynn together to work together," Lisa Ann agreed. "I know it's going to be easy for her; I know he's going to take good care of her. She's had experience, but you know what? When you experience something as simple as this company, it's a different ball game. I've had a lot of experience in the business as well, and as soon as I saw this was the fit for me, I have a hard time even considering working for other people."

Production on Lynn's first feature will start almost immediately, with release planned for early May, though more details of the project were not yet available.