Zero Tolerance Fights Back On Measure B With New Production

LOS ANGELES—Zero Tolerance Entertainment has announced production on a new film whose proceeds will directly fund the appeal of Measure B, a new piece of legislation scheduled to take effect immediately that will have a devastating impact on the adult industry as it begins to be implemented.

"Not only will Measure B drive production out of Los Angeles County costing us thousands of jobs, but the filming will be forced underground where regular testing won't be the normal protocol," said Domenick Bongiorno, Head of Production at Zero Tolerance Entertainment. "It's less safe for the actors, and it's bad for business. We want to help change the decision." Currently performers are tested rigorously and are sent home if their tests are not clean.

Bongiorno is encouraging adult performers and crew members to support this production in exchange for copies of the film when it's released. He can be contacted here for details and further information.

"It's important for people to understand that every sale of this film in any medium will be directly sent to the fund to overturn Measure B," said director Mike Quasar, who is currently writing the script for the production which will be a hilarious send-up lampooning the potential effects of Measure B and what it means for adult performers and producers. "We're joining together to help the Free Speech Coalition fight for our rights."

The Free Speech Coalition, of which Zero Tolerance is a member, plans to fight this legislation that would put into place regular inspections of film sets and forced condom use. They believe that the law is "unconstitutional on the grounds of forced expression," and also "falls within the jurisdiction of the state of California rather than local government," among other problems. The FSC will file a suit based on these grounds.

Zero Tolerance's "Measure B Production" is currently untitled, and will begin filming in December 2012, with the donated time and talent of filmmakers and performers who are passionate about the cause.