Zaawaadi on Her Rocco Siffredi Showcase, Nursing & What's Next

LOS ANGELES—Zaawaadi finds her foray into adult entertainment to be a liberating experience in which she has discovered her true self.

“I have learned to explore and to express my sexual fantasy, run it free as I express my passion for other people,” says the Kenyan performer who resides in Hannover, Germany.

A registered nurse since 2015 who also works at a hospital, Zaawaadi became one of the breakout newcomers of the past year thanks to her starring role in Rocco Siffredi’s splashy documentary hybrid, My Name Is Zaawaadi.

Released by Evil Angel in September and featuring Zaawaadi in all four sex scenes, the movie was the first production from the premium Rocco Siffredi Films label and received a nomination for Best Star Showcase for the 2021 AVN Awards. Due in large part to the strength of her performance, Zaawaadi received a nomination for Best New Foreign Starlet.

But what made her showing even more impressive was that she had only performed in three adult scenes before accepting the opportunity to work with the Italian superstar at his Budapest compound in July.

“It was not just like any other scene where you shoot for less than three hours,” Zaawaadi says. “We worked so hard the whole week shooting different scenes and not only sex scenes. Everyone who was involved—makeup artist, photographer, models, the director Rocco, everybody gave their best.

“I loved the shooting with those amazing, beautiful girls. They dominated me; we played with milk. They made me so horny. We made a dirty mess. This is what I need for sex!”


Zaawaadi tells AVN she watched some of Rocco’s movies with her husband before she met him for the first time.

“Rocco is a legend in Germany, you know!” she says. “I love his style. He has no limit. You can do what makes you horny and dare all your fantasies with him. I didn’t know anything about Rocco before, but my husband told me that he is a well-known actor and serious producer since many years.”

She was introduced to the Hall of Fame performer/director by Tiffany Tatum at the Venus Show in Berlin in 2019. 

“Rocco is really a very professional actor and producer. I love to work with him. It’s a good chemistry,” Zaawaadi says. “The most important thing is that I feel respected as a Black woman and he handles his female actors well.”

Siffredi tells AVN he has received “really, really good” feedback about the project.

“Many people love her energy and her nice attitude,” Siffredi says. “I don't know why, probably because it's the same thing I felt when I saw her picture. She's special…

“I think Zaawaadi should do another big movie of herself, to show more of this side of herself. I hope she will—soon.”

Zaawaadi says after performing in Rocco’s movie that she realized that “being yourself is the only key to make the best work and dare to live your sexual fantasies…”


Born and raised in Kiambu, Kenya, she started modeling in 2016, doing portraits, artistic nudes and fashion just for fun. She transitioned to erotic photos and cam modeling in late 2019.

Aside from her showcase, she estimates she has done about 18 other scenes for various studios.

“During this time I have gained confidence, learned a lot of sexual and not only that, I have met a lot of people with different culture, some who even became good friends,” Zaawaadi says. “This is my world and where I belong.”

She says her city remains on lockdown until at least mid-March due to the worldwide pandemic, making it a challenge to shoot anything new.

“Lockdown is stronger than last year in Germany now, cause the German government is with its federal structure rather slow to react right in time when there is a danger,” Zaawaadi explains.

She says Germany has been bogged down with “ineffective bureaucracy” that has prevented the country from navigating the crisis in a more efficient way.

“So we drive from lockdown to lockdown I fear,” she adds, while also noting the positive things the government is doing. “On the other hand, the government spreads endless money to support industry during the pandemic and nobody has to die from hunger in Germany.”

Even though it’s hard to plan new projects, Zaawaadi remains optimistic about being on set again soon.

“I hope to make a lot of good scenes and maybe another great movie in the future!” Zaawaadi says. “I love this job and I love when other people do me! Thanks to my lovely fans, men and women who give me so great feedback!”


She trained to become a nurse in a German hospital where candidates can both study and work, completing a three-year program.

“Being a nurse is a very responsible job, especially good in Kenya and I was educated very traditional and Catholic conservative…’A woman has always to serve and be patient.’ You will know all this conservative stuff, I guess. As a nurse you really meet a lot of different people. You gain experience. You do a good social thing,” Zaawaadi says.

“Unfortunately, nursing in Germany is a very hard job. The working conditions are worse since German hospitals are more private industries than social fundament. Nurses are very rare, less paid, no political empowerment. Education in Germany is in many ways years behind, I guess. … For example slow or no internet, less computer, overwhelmed bureaucracy.”

Zaawaadi, who also speaks German, Kiswahili and her mother tongue Kikuyu, launched her official website, in summer of 2019.

“There were already so much pictures from my shootings. It would be a pity to hide on a disk,” she says. “I love to show myself in different ways. I’m happy when people like my pictures and small video clips. Here I can express myself in different ways. Unfortunately, I can’t show there all my naked pictures I love.“You need age verification in Germany and can only show everything in a closed community… But I hope this year I will implement a working age verification model on the website… So my fans will get what they need. But there are already all the links to my adult content (for example ManyVids, Pornhub, MyDirtyHobby, LoverFans, Stripchat, SexLikeReal, OnlyFans).

“And you can always ask me for a special custom wish.”


According to Zaawaadi, the lockdown has put a damper on her tendency to have casual sex.

“I badly miss during the lockdown spontaneous sex with men or women. We don’t need to talk so much before,” Zaawaadi says.

She also misses “making holidays at the sea or in a fancy city.”

“I hope so much we can visit our good friends in Bucharest, Romania, this year and enjoy the great sands at the Black Sea again,” Zaawaadi continues. “We had to cancel all holidays last year already. Very sad.

“I love to be outside in the nature, walking or riding bicycle. We are surrounded by large forest and fields at home.”

She says three of her biggest loves are “family, laying in the sun and a good dick in my mouth.” She also loves sleep and being open-minded, adding, “I do great head jobs!”








Photography by @larrrgo (1, 4, 5, 7 & 11); Rocco Siffredi Films (2 & 3); @carlosmethfessel (6, 8, 9 & 12); and @creative_pic_cologne (10)