You Now Have A Say At Customer Reviews

Answering an apparent customer demand, Adam & Eve's Website now features an interactive customer review section. 

“Our customers have been telling us for a long time what they think is popular and what they’d like to see more of,” said chief technology officer Sean Trotter, announcing the new section. “Giving our users an option to offer their opinions in a way that will benefit other users is nothing but a win-win for us and our customers.”

Registered users can post reviews of the company's products free. Submitted reviews are checked for adherence to review standards and then, if accepted, posted within 24-48 hours, the company said. The section includes a function for users to give specific ratings on whether other user reviews were helpful to them, a feature similar to that employed on user reviews.

Trotter said giving users a stronger voice was hugely important to the company, if only because users know their product better than the company does, in many cases. "(T)hey are the ones using them on a daily basis," he said." Instead of dictating to our users what the best products are, we’re going to let our users be in control. We’re not judging reviews based on whether or not they are favorable to a product. The opinions of our users will be authentic and true to them.” 

Adam & Eve spokesman Danny Polinsky said the company began working on the customer reviews section three weeks before bringing it online. "It was something we'd wanted for awhile," he told, "but the technology we had in place didn't allow it until now. We could have put up something, but it wouldn't have been the way we wanted it to be done. It wouldn't have been as easy for our customers to get into it." 

Polinsky said the company examined how such mainstream sites as Amazon presented and offered customer review options, but did so almost solely for familiarity's sake, not to make an explicit copy of the system.

"We knew we weren't going to come up with something all unique," he said, "so we definitely paid attention to the other sites, to see what they had out there, to see how they were doing it, to see how was it normal or standard on the Web. There's so many places that have reviews in the mainstream world that we weren't going to reinvent the wheel."

While some adult Websites offer review sections, Polinsky said, "those others who do it don't have the breadth of products that we have. For whatever reason, the adult industry on the whole hasn't yet moved to that direction. And I think a lot of companies will think about moving toward that direction."