Ya Can't Keep a Good Pumper Down

PORN VALLEY—It's only been a couple of months since Brian Pumper's little dust-up with Evil Angel that led to the two going their separate ways—but the popular director/porn stud has found a new home by starting his own companies, Freaky Empire and Freaky Planet.

"Brian just felt it was time to have his own company now, time to move on and go to the next step, so that's why he went with Freaky Empire," said adult industry veteran Danny Gorman, who's handling sales for the new line, which is being distributed by Juicy Entertainment. "The problem at Evil Angel kind of forced him into it, which I think is really great for him. It's time for him to do it. His numbers are really good that he was getting at Evil, and I'm going to be selling his first Freaky Empire release, and he's getting the same amount of money he was getting at Evil; nobody's backing off on him. Everybody's saying 'Good,' because his stuff is doing really well, especially the Gapeman; that series is really a killer."

Indeed; Pumper will continue several series that he'd begun while being distributed by Evil Angel, including Butthole Stretchers and Phatty's Rhymes & Dimes, with Vol. 11 of that series tagged as Freaky Empire's initial offering.

"This new one is actually a triple," Gorman said. "It's two discs with movies and stuff on it, and the third disc, which is the musical soundtrack by the rapper himself—six songs, previously unreleased new stuff. So if you're getting three discs, distributors are getting a good deal."

"We start shipping on the 14th; that's the first one coming out," Gorman reported. "He's going to be doing about three movies a month to start with. He's also got some other directors that I can't mention, name directors that are going to be coming over to the Freaky Empire from the other things they're doing. Around February or March, he's going to bring in a couple of other directors, so he's going to try to make it like Evil Empire was, but different. And he's spending a little bit more money on the stuff, and we're tweaking the covers a little more on him, so it is really good stuff. It's nasty as shit; he does some nasty stuff, but it's got the high-end quality."

Gorman's also juiced about a title Pumper has planned to release during the week after the Adult Entertainment Expo: Butt Tits Feet Hands Mouth Dick & Pussy.

"I love that fuckin' title!" Gorman exclaimed. "Now, that box is really good. It's completely crazy. I mean, he's nuts; he's definitely a perv, and that's why I like him."

You and everybody else, Danny!

Those interested in carrying Freaky Empire titles can contact Gorman at (800) 584-2960, or locally at (818) 280-3700, or email [email protected].