Xplor/Homegrown's Cream Pie Fillings

When Method Man rapped, "Cream get the money, dollar, dollar bill y'all," on Wu Tang Clan's 1993 hit "C.R.E.A.M" he likely had no idea of the cream-pie mania that would be sweeping the porn industry a decade later. But the folks at Xplor Media Group and Homegrown Video apparently did.

"I notice a lot of other companies are coming out with their cream pie scenes," Homegrown Video's CEO Moffitt told AVN.com. "But we were doing it before anyone was taking credit for it."

"The way our parent company Xplor Media Group started over six years ago was recognizing which types of content were doing well within our Homegrown Video lines," said Moffitt. "We started getting cream pie tapes sent in by amateurs and said to ourselves, "Hey this is really great niche content.' So we tested it in our mail order and found that it outsold the basic themes and launched Cream Pie due to that."

Since then, "cream pie" tapes have become all the rage, with Xplor/Homegrown's style often imitated by its competitors. "We sell to some distributors who are also manufacturers and I'm sure they saw the numbers and said, "we can do that' or they just saw something new and decided to jump on the bandwagon."

Yet Homegrown has no intention of resting on its creamy laurels and have ushered in a slew of new series', including Handjobs Across America, Sex Machines, Deep Throat Virgins and Housewives Unleashed.

"Handjobs Across America 4 is out now and 5 is on the way," confirmed Moffitt. "We try to get people to come up with very creative ways to give handjobs. A girl uses her panties to jack the guy off, two girls do a smoking fetish scene and blow smoke on his cock, different massage oils, use, outdoor handjobs, in a car, whatever people can come up with."

Meanwhile, Sex Machines 1 was released in mid-May and features girls with mechanical sex toys. "But these are not just solo scenes," Moffitt was quick to point out, "we're trying to get boy/girl action on the sex toy. The main machine we're featuring is called the Thrill Hammer and it's a dentist chair fashioned with a big mechanical dildo in the seat and has controls coming out of the sides so girls can tweak it to make it faster or more intense. The Thrill Hammer is featured in every volume, plus other producers send in their own sex machine type stuff.

Deep Throat Virgins 5 comes out in mid-June and features girls trying deep throat for the first time, willingly. There's no coercion or derogatory comments. It's positive spin on the deep throat genre. If girls are afraid of deep throating then maybe they can watch this tape and think of it as a challenge. That's how we're proposing it," Moffit explained.

In addition, Homegrown recently launched their Housewives Unleashed series ("all housewife scenarios"), with #2 coming out this week. Of course, with Cream Pie # 27 out in early July, fans need not worry about Xplor/Homegrown forgetting where it came from.