Xpeeps.com Launches

Taking a page from the wild success of MySpace, AEBN has created a strikingly similar network for the adult industry, Xpeeps.com.

Like MySpace, Xpeeps is a free online community that allows its members to create profiles and network. The difference is it’s uncensored and pretty much all about porn.

“Xpeeps.com was created as a direct solution for the thousands of members and fans of the adult community who need a stable environment in which they can express themselves any way they want,” says Jeff Beer, Director of AEBN's traffic department. “With Xpeeps.com there is no worry about adult content filtering. All xxx pictures, movies and journals are welcome.”

The network allows adult webmasters, cash companies, consumer sites, models, performers, directors, content providers, fans and friends of the industry to create individual profiles and is designed to serve as a news resource and traffic source.

“The adult industry is all about freedom,” says Beer. “Xpeeps.com offers the freedom to network, interact and show off goods. It unites the porn community on a global scale in a way that is always free and open, never restrictive but always legal.”