Xobile Receives National Exposure

Mobile adult content provider Xobile.com was the focal point of news features on ABC’s "World News Tonight" and "Good Morning America" on Tuesday.

The company was also mentioned in the lead paragraph of an ABC News Original Report article distributed on the ABC News website and headlined “Dealing Up Porn on Your Cell Phone: New Technology Worries Parents, Family Groups.”

“Harvey Kaplan — a pioneer in online pornography — now sees a new source of profits: mobile devices such as cell phones and video iPods. ‘This thing is going to take off,’ he said. ‘There are hundreds of companies lined up to capitalize,’” says the report.

Kaplan is director of operations for Xobile.

The ABC article cited one estimate that worldwide mobile porn sales will be a billion dollars this year — nearly double that of last year. The report continues “family groups and anti-porn activists are up in arms, warning parents that the high-tech gadgets they buy for their children this holiday season may end up as porn-delivery devices.”

“The ABC report was a fair representation of what is happening in the industry today,” says Kaplan. “We are delivering a product that adults want and because of the content there will always be concerns by some groups. We make every effort to assure that users are over 18.”

The ABC reports are the latest in a series of mainstream stories that have mentioned Xobile and parent company AEBN. Other coverage of Xobile includes stories in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Toronto Globe & Mail, Forbes Magazine, Washington Post, Wired Magazine and Charlotte Observer.