Xobile Infiltrates the iPod with PornMyPortable

Adult mobile video provider Xobile.com has developed a drag-and-drop system, PornMyPortable, for displaying their video content on Apple’s video iPod.

PornMyPortable offers users the opportunity to choose their favorite scenes from best-selling movies and then download two- to five-minute clips. As part of the initial launch, users can score nine free adult movies.

“We think the growth of viewing adult content on iPod devices will be explosive in the coming months and to serve this growing need we have designed a system that makes it absolutely foolproof, extremely simple and totally private. If you’re over 18, all you need to do is sign up at our site for free and then drag, click and watch,” Harvey Kaplan, director of mobile operations for Xobile’s parent company AEBN, says.

Beginning next month, Xobile will begin selling five-minute clips at 99 cents per mini movie.

The drag-and-drop system works by dragging the clips from the Xobile site to the iTunes software and then transferring the clip from iTunes to the iPod.