XBiz Awards Rock the House of Blues at Internext

A selective group of Adult Webmasters crowded the House of Blues at Mandalay Bay last night for the 3rd annual XBiz Awards, and one can only say that there was something special about the evening, not just for the winners. There was a palpable sense of community in the room, a coming together if you will, that was forcefully articulated by Host Jim Holio in his culminating rant of the evening, when he expressed what a lot of online Adult entrepreneurs feel: that they are cultural/business pioneers affecting society for the better at potential significant risk to themselves. Whatever one thinks about that, it’s a powerful idea that reinforces a sense of common purpose and direction.

There were also awards given out. The winners were:

Web Host of the Year: SplitInfinity

Billing Provider of the Year: Paycom

Content Provider of the Year: Matrix Content

Web Radio/TV Show of the Year: RainMaker

Design Company of the Year: Dickmans Design

GLBT Company of the Year: Cybersocket

Innovative Product of the Year: MAS

Affiliate Company of the Year: SilverCash

Online Community of the Year: JBM

Solution Provider of the Year: PlayaDRM