XArt Foundation Grants Membership to <i>AVN</i>

The XArt Foundation, a federally-recognized, non-profit agency dedicated to the exhibition of erotic art, has granted membership to Adult Video News.

“Our association with AVN makes sense because we are both champions of free speech and artistic expression,” said XArt co-founder and gallery director, Luis de la Cruz. “Erotica is an integral part of our culture, and we are happy to recognize AVN for its efforts in providing a valuable service to the public.”

Under the terms of membership, XArt can help adult industry organizations secure a tax write-off for charitable donations. “There’s a lot of apprehension among non-profits and charities about accepting money from the porn business,” de la Cruz explained. “We’re here to help the adult industry however we can; it’s a symbolic relationship, but at the same time, there are benefits on both sides.”

In partnership with the Lifestyles Organization (LSO), XArt sponsors the annual Sensual and Erotic Art Exhibition, the longest-running survey of contemporary artists working in the field. Now in its 16th year, the traveling show has been featured at the AVN-owned Erotica LA expo since 2003.

“We became associated with AVN through the Erotica LA show,” de la Cruz said. “Chad Beecher worked with us to put on a first-rate art show at the convention. People really loved the exhibition, and we’re planning to do the same thing next year. The theme for next year’s show is “Crossroads” -- it’s all about the thin line between porn and erotica. These projects really help bring down fences between the adult industry and the art world.”

XArt has organized over 40 exhibits in the United States, Mexico and Europe featuring adult industry artists such as Ken Marcus and Justice Howard. In October 2006, the foundation partnered with the city of Puerto Vallarta to present its Latin Visions Festival and Art Walk. With images ranging from subtle to explicit, the Puerto Vallarta exhibition was the first of its type to be sponsored by a government agency in Mexico.

“Art is the true mirror of our society,” de la Crtuz said.“If the theory is true that people think about sex every minute of the day, then why aren’t we showing what our civilization is thinking about?”