X-Play Says There's No(t) Place Like Oz

HOLLYWOOD—Porn parody machine X-Play has announced plans for a sex-filled spin on one of the most beloved films of all time, 1939 Victor Fleming classic The Wizard of Oz.

To be shot in 3D, the project promises to manifest director Will Ryder's long-held ambition of staging a full-fledged adult musical. The part of Dorothy has already been cast, but the actress' identity is being kept top secret while she records her original musical numbers in a North Hollywood studio. (Hint: AVN has learned who the actress is from an inside source, and suffice it to say, a more ideal choice to play Dorothy is near unimaginable.)

"She's absolutely perfect for the part, and Judy Garland would have been proud of her playing her most famous role because the girl can sing like a bird," said co-producer and X-Play co-owner Scott David. "I hope Liza Minnelli loves this movie when it comes out."

"I can't believe I'm playing Dorothy in Not the Wizard of Oz XXX," the under-wraps star offered. "This is going to be the most amazing time of my life."

As Oz goes into production, look for the coming debuts of X-Play parodies Not M*A*S*H* XXX in August and Not Charlie's Angels XXX in September.