X-Play Announces 'Three's Company,' 'Love Boat' Parodies

HOLLYWOOD - Producers Jeff Mullen and Scott David of X-Play plan to produce XXX parodies of the popular '70s TV shows "Three's Company" and "The Love Boat" this summer.

"These are two iconic shows from the ‘70s and they’re ripe for parody," Mullen told AVN. "We're in the process of casting right now and we're going to shoot both movies in August."

Riding a wave of success in the wake of last year's hit Not the Bradys XXX, X-Play has already completed a string of sitcom spoofs for 2008 release. The busy producers wrapped This Ain't the Partridge Family for Hustler Video last week, and Not Bewitched XXX is scheduled to arrive Sept. 23 through Adam & Eve Pictures. Hustler plans to release X-Play's Not the Bradys sequel in November.

"We've been wanting to do parodies of 'Love Boat' and "Three's Company' for over a year," Mullen told AVN. "Some people have said there are too many porno parodies out there, but at the same time, aren't there too many gonzos? Our movies are always reverent toward the source material and we put a lot of work into getting every detail right. I consider myself an entertainer; just like music or mainstream movies, we take the audience on a journey for a couple of hours, and that's really important to me."

Mullen considers Not Bewitched XXX to be the company's strongest effort to date and intends to achieve a similar level of quality with upcoming productions. X-Play is also developing parodies of "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood," "The Beverly Hillbillies" and Disney's "High School Musical."

"I think 'Three’s Company' presents especially amazing scenarios for sexual tension and wild times," he said. "However, getting the right person to play Jack Tripper is going to be very difficult because that’s an incredible character."

Words to ponder, indeed. Has today's adult industry produced a talent worthy of the classic John Ritter role? And who is truly the Gavin MacLeod of porn? 

Mullen invites talent, agents and fans to submit their casting suggestions for Jack, Chrissy, Janet, Gopher, Isaac and Capt. Steubing via e-mail to [email protected]