X-Play Announces 'Honey Boo Boo' Parody

HOLLYWOOD—Porn parody hitmakers X-Play have taken aim at a less-than-likely target with the announcement of plans to produce a triple-X send-up of TLC's runaway reality show sensation Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. The snortingly crass title for the project? The Anal Adventures of Honey Poo Poo XXX.

"We're having fun with this fucked-up style of porn cinema, and Honey Boo Boo and her entire family fit wonderfully," director/X-Play co-owner Will Ryder said.

Added partner and co-producer Scott David, "Although none of us are rednecks, this unique lifestyle is popular now in America, and with The Anal Adventures of Honey Poo Poo XXX we're really stepping in some shit now."

In order to sidestep the issue presented by the real Honey Boo Boo's far too young age, Ryder and company plan to present her triple-X counterpart as having just passed her 18th birthday, similar to what they've done with the underage characters in previous productions like Not the Bradys XXX, Not Bewitched XXX and the just-wrapped Not South Park XXX.

This is the second Honey Boo Boo related porn announcement to surface in as many days. Assence Films owner Mike Kulich extended an offer Tuesday to actual cast member "Crazy" Toney Lindsey to star in his own X-rated showcase entitled Here Cums Honey Poon Poon, opposite any five girls of his choosing.

"We saw that Toney was looking to get into our line of work and we couldn't resist," Kulich said in a press release. "We would be delighted to jumpstart a new series in the hillbilly arena, and Toney is just the guy to make that happen."

In the case of X-Play's planned picture, no distributor or casting choices have yet been determined.