WWC Now Offers DVDs with Matching High-Res Pics

World Wide Content (WWC) now offers webmasters DVD titles with matching high-resolution photos.

The DVDs and photos come from some of the industry’s top producers, such as Acid Rain, Legend, Gentlemen Video, and many others.

“We experienced great success with our content, but now we are taking it to the next level. By offering them high-resolution matching photos with their video content, we bring more to the table for webmasters than ever before,” says Raffi Vartanian, chief executive of WWC. “Supplying webmasters with a package of options as well as various encoding formats, we have become their one-stop shop for their content needs.”

WWC has a number of new products in the pipeline. First in line is WorldWideFeeds.com, built on a new streaming technology to which WWF holds exclusive rights. WorldWideFeeds.com covers 80-plus niches, all at a price of $49 per month.