WoodRocket’s neatOco Get Weird With Pop Culture

LOS ANGELES—The unusual minds behind the award-winning website WoodRocket have unleashed their brand new mainstream pop culture YouTube channel, neatOco.

Combining comedy and pop culture, neatOco is filled with original series and specials, produced by the neatOco team. Shows like:

“April Versus”: Popular model, April O’Neil challenges video game characters to their own games. In the first three episodes, April battles Donkey Kong, Link, and even The Macho Man at WWE wrestling.

“Overreactions”: When modern reaction videos just aren't that interesting, neatOco takes them to the next level by putting hosts in hilarious situations while they watch and react to movies and shows.

“Neat-O Cartoons”: Cartoons parodying pop culture via mash-ups with cartoons like “Ric Flair and Morty”, and more.

“That's neatOco”: Hosts Vuko, April O'Neil and Seth Fischer discuss their favorite movies, TV Shows, video games, comics, toys, and cat cosplay each week. Episodes also feature interviews, gift-exchanges, cosplay, and other pop culture fun.

Currently on the neatOco channel, hosts are asked to watch The Blair Witch Project in the woods in the middle of the night, watch The Boss Baby trailer while wearing adult diapers and taste-testing baby food, and watch The Walking Dead in a room full of animatronic zombies.

New videos will be added weekly, including the upcoming series “Unboxing With Buster Douglas,” featuring the legendary heavyweight champ punching his way into boxes full of fun surprises. “Unboxing With Buster Douglas” begins this summer only on neatOco.

All neatOco shows are free to watch only on the neatOco YouTube channel.