Woodrocket Puts A Sexual Spin On 'Rick & Morty'

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif.—Anyone who's old enough and has seen the quasi-psychedelic animated show Rick & Morty has probably had flashbacks of their own depraved youth—so grab your wub-a-lub-a-dub-dub and prepare to get schwifty with a sexy live-action version of the show that will make you fill your pants with testicle szechuan sauce! WoodRocket is juiced to present Dick and Morty, a porn parody of one of the most popular animated shows on television.

Dick and Morty premieres today, October 12, on WoodRocket.com for free, with a very special uncut version on Pornhub Premium, featuring a "Bonus Pickle Rick" sex scene.

The plot, according to Woodrocket, has Morty blowing it again, so Dick recruits ex-girlfriend Untitty to help him with his pickle. In the meantime, Beth eases the pain of her divorce with a little help from the genitals of Mr. Meesex and Birdperson.

Dick and Morty was written and directed by April O'Neil, Lee Roy Myers, and Vuko. It stars April O'Neil, Ryan McLane, Vuko, and Leya Falcon. According to its directors, Dick and Morty will get you so squanch that you will touch your squanch until you squanch!

Watch the SFW trailer of Dick and Morty trailer on YouTube and on WoodRocket.com.