Woodman Taps New Director for <i>Sex Carnage</i>

Woodman Entertainment has signed Los Angeles-based director Ricky Wrecker to helm the company's new gonzo line Sex Carnage.

Described as a dark blend of "nightmare scenarios and extreme hardcore sex that will haunt the minds of the viewers," Sex Carnage begins shooting in March. Company honcho Pierre Woodman had originally planned to direct the series himself, but opted out due to scheduling concerns.

"I rather underestimated the extent to which being Chairman and CEO of Woodman Entertainment would occupy my time," Woodman explained. "I am therefore delighted that we now have the chance to start producing in the USA with a director of the caliber and experience of Ricky, something which will give us an enormous advantage in establishing the brand in the North American market."

Wrecker's resume includes mainstream commercials and music videos. Sex Carnage will mark the director's adult-industry debut.

"I am thrilled at the opportunity to make movies under the Woodman Entertainment label," said Wrecker. "Pierre has been a personal friend of mine for several years and there is no one in the industry I'd rather work with... Pierre is familiar with my mainstream film work and when he approached me with this idea, I couldn't wait to get started. I know the viewers will be shocked and addicted once they see volume 1 of Sex Carnage."