Woodman Releases <i>XCalibur 3</i>

BARCELONA - Woodman Entertainment has released the final installment of Pierre Woodman's big-budget medieval porn trilogy XCalibur.

Available as a single disc or exclusive 2 disc digipack edition, XCalibur 3 runs three hours and boasts nine ultra-hardcore sex scenes with a cast of Euro-porn beauties led by Roxy Panther.

Xcalibur received the Best High Budget Movie award at the recent Venus Berlin fair. According to a company press release, the Arthurian costume epic has already proven to be the highest-selling movie of Woodman's career.

"Xcalibur has been a hugely enjoyable project to work on, and the release pf part 3 is the culmination of all that work," said Woodman. "Commercially it has also been very gratifying, and I know that our sales guys are very happy as pre-orders have been flooding in, and if overall sales are anything like we are getting with parts 1 and 2, we will be delighted. All in all it has be a very successful production and like all my best movies, I think it will be around for a long time to come."

Woodman Entertainment is distributed exclusively in the U.S. by NinnWorx_SR. For sales, contact Tom DeNiro at [email protected]