Woodman Goes IPTV With Global Digital

BRIGHTON, U.K. - IPTV network Global Digital Broadcast has added Woodman Entertainment to its Top 20 adult channel lineup.

Woodman Entertainment CEO Pierre Woodman said, "I am delighted to announce this partnership with Global Digital Broadcast. Distributing our content through their IPTV platform will enable us to reach their huge customer base and take our movies to an even wider audience.

"We are focusing on expanding digital distribution, which we expect to contribute substantially to revenues by the end of 2008," Woodman continued. "We firmly believe in digital distribution and are pleased to be joining forces with one of the leading forces in global IPTV."

Through the deal, Woodman Entertainment titles will be available on TV sets equipped with the Global Digital Broadcast PlayTV IP set-top box, online at the Woodman Entertainment website, on the GoUK TV adult portal, and on any other form of compatible media (such as mobile phones and game consoles).

"People now see that IPTV is the way forward, and that is especially true of the adult industry," said Jim Deans, co-founder and director of Global Digital Broadcast. "Traditional DVD production and distribution is, in fact, slowing down. I like to think of a company in the adult industry as a thoroughbred racehorse, and if that racehorse has started to go lame, the more you ride it, the worse it gets. Until IPTV comes along with a new delivery method to distribute your content straight to the consumer's home, in a fast and very cost effective way. Now your horse has bionic back legs, and that puts it ahead in the race again."

For more on Woodman Entertainment, visit www.wood-ent.com. For more on Global Digital Broadcast, go to www.gdbtv.com.