Woodman Entertainment Names New CEO

BARCELONA - Pierre Woodman has appointed David "Hui" Newnham as the new CEO of Woodman Entertainment.

Newnham's 22-year career in the adult video business has spanned the transition from VHS through DVD into the new media age. He has distinguished himself as an industry leader in Australia through his work with top distributor Calvista.

"After 9 years at Calvista I was looking for a new challenge and was delighted to be approached by Woodman Entertainment," said Newnham. "I have long admired Pierre Woodman's work and my experience of distributing his movies under different brands leaves me with no doubt as to the potential of the Woodman name."

Newnham will oversee worldwide sales, marketing and distribution for the company, while founder Pierre Woodman focuses on producing and directing movies.

"It is a great pleasure to welcome Hui to Woodman Entertainment," said Woodman. "His appointment will give us the commercial expertise to take on the challenges of a changing marketplace and will mean that I can dedicate myself 100 percent to making movies while knowing that the business is in the most capable of hands."