Woodman Entertainment Brings Euro Style To AEE

LAS VEGAS – Pierre Woodman, CEO of Woodman Entertainment, has it made. As a Frenchman, he’s got that Eurostyle thing working overtime. As a producer of adult material, he has always possessed the ability to populate his movies with some of the prettiest girls Europe has to offer. And he’s got a super-cool accent too.

Woodman commented on this year’s show from his company’s booth, olf which he’s justifiably proud. “It’s my second year here coming with my own booth, so I’m very happy with it,” he said. “After 20 years, it’s nice to be coming here for the second time with my own business and company.”

Like everybody else, Woodman is coping with the changing business. He said, “For sure it’s difficult as you know, because the business is not as it was. We are in a new business. I do not know what it will be tomorrow, whether it will be mobile phones or the Internet. Or maybe DVD will have a revival. I don’t know. But, anyway, all we can do is just always to try our best.”

And Woodman’s best always involves top-notch girls. “People still love to see nice girls from the East in my movies," he said. Starlets Nessa Devil, Caylian Curtis, Bulma Rey and Divinity Love backed up Woodman’s statement by drawing in a heavy crowd of gawkers.

In addition to his new girls, Woodman is also unveiling his latest, Indecent Evil. It’s a big adventure show based on, you guessed it, Resident Evil. “I am hoping people will respond to it well,” said Woodman. Given the quality of talent he always manages to conjure, that’s a given.