Wisconsin Alderman Leading Movement To Shutdown Adult Retailer

The City Council unanimously passed an ordinance covering adult entertainment stores last week that was sponsored by an alderman who is openly trying to put the Red Letter News adult store out of business.

Brian Benford, The District 12 alderperson where Red Letter sits, claims that it will help protect the establishment. However, he’s also leading a campaign to drive the business out of town.  

Benford hopes a gathering on June 25 will bring more than 100 people together in protest of Red Letter News. He hopes to raise awareness of the allegedly illegal activities the store has been accused of, including people having sex inside the store.

"If people are looking for prostitutes at 3 a.m., they're coming to this corner here at North and Milwaukee street," Benford said. "If people are looking to engage in illegal drug activity they're going to come to this corner."

Red Letter News goes to court Friday to face allegations of illegal activity. Red Letter attorney’s have denied the validity of all charges.

"We want to make sure that their First Amendment rights are protected too, the bottom line is we're not against small business, we're not against pornography, we support everybody's First Amendment rights but we want to hold this business accountable," Benford told local media.

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