Win $1,000 From

Tuesday is the last day to become eligible for the first of five $1,000 giveaways being awarded on Wednesday, Feb. 1, by

As of midnight Monday morning, there were only 32 members eligible to win the prize, making the odds look pretty nice. To become eligible, users simply need to register for a free account and post at least one blog entry, forum post, or directory listing to the site before midnight, Jan. 31.

You don’t even have to be gay to win. is for webmasters who are gay, webmasters of gay-themed sites, and those with products and services for them. If you meet one of those three requirements, then you’re invited to join and become eligible for the giveaway.

The site consists of four sections: a blog, forums, a resource directory, and news feeds. Members can submit articles, commentary, and tutorials to the blog, discuss and network in the forums, and post their services and products in the resource directory. One thing that makes unique is that, although it was created by an adult webmaster, the site targets the broader mainstream market as well. With three different views available, visitors can choose to see content related to adult webmasters, mainstream webmasters, or both.

Complete giveaway rules can be found here.