Wildlife To Release 3D <i>Screw My Wife</i>

CANOGA PARK, Calif. - Wildlife Productions has a new twist on its flagship series, Screw My Wife Please!!, and it literally gives a whole other dimension to the proceedings.

Yes, Screw My Wife in 3D is on the way, and not only will it offer all the action in three dimensions, but one of the discs included in the three-disc set will contain an HD 3D version.

"There's been other 3D [titles] done before, but I don't think to this extent," boasted Wildlife owner Bobby Rinaldi. "Nobody has, really, the technology [of] this guy that we do it with. We shot it last July, and it takes forever to edit it, because you gotta go in there and do it frame by frame. So it's a long process, but the 3D on it is really incredible. The reaction we're getting already is crazy. The pre-orders are through the roof."

This is Wildlife's second 3D outing, following last year's solo release Reach Out and Touch Me, but this is the first to be done in high definition.

"To get the good 3D, you have to use it on your computer," Rinaldi explained. "The high-def version [is] for the computer. All you need is Windows XP. And it comes with two pairs of glasses in the package. And the 3D is really unbelievable."

Viewers who may be apprehensive about what, exactly, may come shooting right at them in a 3D porno need not worry. "It's more of a depth of field than a 3D popping out at you," said Rinaldi. "There are points where the guy turns around and it looks like the dick is coming out of the camera, or if the chick is in missionary, it looks like her foot's coming out of the screen. But it's more of a depth of field, where the background's really deep, and you can really see the separation between the sex and the other stuff around the room."

Rinaldi revealed that the company has another 3D production in editing at the moment: Stretched, starring Naomi. "It's her taking on these huge toys in 3D, plus fucking Sascha," he said. "That's still being edited, so I don't know when that'll come out. It's almost like a Denni O movie with all these huge toys, but to see it in 3D, the toys look ten times the size that they really were."

Screw My Wife in 3D, meanwhile, stars Sascha, Marco Banderas and Chris Charming, with five unknowns playing the wives, and is hosted as always by Dave Cummings.

"It's for fans of the Screw My Wife series and fans of 3D," Rinaldi concluded. "I think the combination of the two of them makes it an instant collector's item."

Screw My Wife in 3D ships Sept. 25. To order, call Bobby Rinaldi at (888) 533-9990.