On the Set: Wicked’s Jessica Drake Unleashes Her Inner Pansexual

This story originally appeared in the September 2017 issue of AVN magazine. Click here to see the digital edition.

It’s such an unassuming title. After all, Jessica Drake has been a contract star for Wicked Pictures for years, so why not release a movie titled Jessica Drake Is Wicked? It could even be a comp, showcasing some of the performer’s most popular scenes.

Nothing, however, could be further from the truth.

“In our 25-year history, this film has the very first trans scene that Wicked has ever done,” Drake told AVN. “A transgender scene was something that I’ve always wanted to do, but when I initially pitched it, we [Drake and partner Brad Armstrong] weren’t sure if it was in alignment with the company and the brand, because we’re branded as a heteronormative, softer company. But I think, as time goes on, you really can’t generalize the type of porn that people want to see, and it’s really hard to put people in boxes.

“Besides that,” Drake continued, “I think that when I became part of the sex education side of the industry, a lot for me personally changed, so this scene is reflective of not only who I am as a performer but it’s also very introspective of who I am as a person. I identify as ‘pansexual,’ and it’s something that never necessarily carried into my professional life, but there’s no reason for it not to, and when I asked two years ago to do this scene, there was a little question about whether or not we could or would do the scene, but it’s time, right? It’s time to be more diverse and just embrace sexuality for what it is, as opposed to just always putting people in boxes.”


Above, Jessica Drake; photo courtesy Wicked Pictures


To that end, Jessica gathered three of the top transgender performers in the adult industry—Aubrey Kate, Venus Lux and Domino Presley—to create Wicked’s first trans scene, and the gals were definitely down with the challenge.

“Me and Jessica, we talked about two years ago, and she attended one of the Trans 101 panels at this convention and I was there with Grooby and a few other performers, discussing trans issues and how we can be able to have more awareness,” recalled Venus Lux, a two-time AVN Transsexual Performer of the Year. “Jessica was in the audience and she was so inquisitive about how to support the trans community, and from then, it kind of blossomed. She asked how, and I said, ‘Just set a good example and be able to one day be open to work with trans women, and that would be a stepping stone for other people to kind of follow and lead.’ Back then, I thought it was something of a fantasy, but you always have good hopes, good expectations of support, and fortunately enough, this came to reality and here I am. I’m still a little shocked and I’m definitely having a great time here.”

But the fact that this will be the first time Wicked has released transgender material isn’t lost on her.

“It’s monumental!” she exclaimed. “It’s definitely monumental because as I said before, Jessica didn’t have to do this and it was by choice, and it’s a huge privilege to be able to see someone who is of Jessica’s caliber to be willing and open and free and sex positive about this, and be able to kind of humanize us and not demonize us. We’re all girls here and it’s an all-girl shoot, which I’m so happy about, because now we can be able to just vibe on the sensuality and be able to play with the sensual aspects.”


Above, Venus Lux; photo courtesy Wicked Pictures


Besides Venus, the other performers had similar experiences with casting.

“Jessica reached out to me and the other girls on social media asking if we’d be interested, and of course we would,” nodded Domino. “It’s amazing to be working for Wicked and I’m glad to be part of it. I want to thank Jessica for making it happen.”

“I haven’t ever worked for Wicked before, and I’m so excited!” exclaimed Aubrey, AVN’s reigning Transsexual Performer of the Year. “It’s a huge stepping stone, not just for me but for trans performers in general. Jessica contacted me at the TEA Show, and at the AVN show too. They [Jessica and Brad] came up to me at AVN and they’re like, ‘We’re thinking of doing something; don’t know; can’t really talk about it,’ and then at the TEA Show, they brought up the same thing and we started talking, and it’s finally happening.”


Above, Domino Presley; photo courtesy Wicked Pictures


The transgender scene, titled “Beauty,” is one of five scenes that will comprise Jessica Drake Is Wicked. Viewers will also be treated to “Cirque de Sex,” featuring a circus performer orgy; “Teamwork,” a blow bang; “Original Sin,” a hardcore retelling of the Adam and Eve Bible story; and “Detention,” where Jessica gets to play a bad teacher à la Cameron Diaz to a bunch of tattooed students.

But of them all, “Beauty” seems to be closest to Jessica’s heart, in part because of her work in sex education.

“When I speak at colleges and the subject of transgender comes up, people are way more willing to talk about it now, whereas before, I think it’s something that was really held in secrecy and people were reluctant to talk about it,” Jessica said. “There was a lot of shame surrounding it because of the issues that we as a society have projected onto people, but I think now, we’re starting to unpack those issues and peel away some of the layers of shame, and I hope that by doing this, I encourage performers from all areas of the industry to do what they want to do with whom they want to do it within the parameters of their own comfort, and it shouldn’t be a big deal. To thine own self be true!”

Viewers should be warned, though: This isn’t a whitebread scene by any measure. For one thing, there are plenty of leather bustiers with metal buckles and spiked collars to go around, and Jessica herself starts out in a lacy top, a lace veil covering her mouth and nose, and a sculpted tiara, while Aubrey gets a leather bustier, bra and choker, plus a frilly black gauze skirt.

“I’ve done some leather costuming for Grooby, and more latex for Kink, but nothing too leathery,” Aubrey remarked, “so I’m really excited to get out of my comfort zone sometimes and try something new, so I’m very excited.”


Above, Aubrey Kate; photo courtesy Wicked Pictures


Similarly, Domino’s upper body, from crotch to neck, is leather-covered, except for the mesh that covers her tits but hides nothing, and Venus is similarly all in black, including a black leather bra—all of which contrasts nicely with the white couch upon which all the sexual action takes place. The overall effect is of a minimal movie set, since the only props are three klieg lights spread out behind the performers. (Well, and eventually the dildos...)

The scene itself begins as a sort of group grope, with everyone’s tits coming out early for others to play with, even as Jessica and Aubrey share a deep kiss. In short order, all three t-gals get a taste of Jessica’s labia, and those who aren’t licking are fondling each other and playing with their own dicks—or any other one that’s close by. There’s no point trying to do a play-by-play of the sex, since the scene more resembles an orgy than anything else, but one thing’s for sure: Everyone managed to have a good time.

Or as Domino described it, “It’s a little S&M, a little bit witchcraft, a little bit like we could all be from The Matrix or a coven or something. I knew it was going to be elaborate, but not this elaborate; like this is very high fashion. I love it.”

“When Jessica described to me what the scene was going to be like,” Venus added, “I thought it was potentially an opportunity to be able to showcase a different side of trans sex and to be able to have a level of in-depth artistry, and stray away from the gonzo aspect and keep it more feature-oriented, which is definitely Wicked’s kind of go-to and I’m kind of in love with that. It’s like a music video here.”

After it was all over, we couldn’t help but ask Jessica what she thought of the laws being passed in some states that would require her co-stars, if they needed to pee, to use the men’s room.

“That’d be nuts,” Jessica opined, “but what I’ve come to learn is that some people just don’t grasp the whole concept of transgender people. People have been using restrooms with trans people their entire lives and they don’t know it, so I think it’s really time to shine a light on this. We were having a talk on set a few days ago about that and some other things because this whole movie has been such an experience and I feel really free to talk about my sexuality with even more people now.”

Not only that, but come September 20, viewers worldwide will be able to see Jessica put her sexuality into action in ways they’ve never seen before.

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Domino Presley, Aubrey Kate, Jessica Drake and Venus Lux; photo courtesy Wicked Pictures