Wicked Strikes Deal to Distribute 'Octomom' Movie Project

LOS ANGELES—Wicked Pictures has entered into an exclusive business agreement with Nadya Suleman and DD Entertainment to release Suleman’s first solo adult video project.

Best known as "Octomom" in the media, the native of Fullerton, Calif., gained global prominence when she gave birth to octuplets in January 2009.

This distribution announcement ends speculation regarding the origins and background of the as-yet-untitled production. The video was funded by DD Entertainment, headed by Gina Rodriguez, aka former adult star Demi Delia; as the project commenced pre-production, the company initially retained award-winning Wicked contract filmmaker Brad Armstrong in an art-directing capacity.

Given his ideas, DD Entertainment asked Armstrong to step into the director's chair, a decision that soon yielded additional benefits, including access to three-time AVN Best Actress Jessica Drake.

AVN initially reported that Wicked was set to distribute the movie, given Armstrong and Drake's involvement, but was quickly told by Rodriguez that it wasn't true. Rodriguez asked AVN to remove all references to Wicked. Asked point blank if Wicked was attached the project, Rodriguez stated that it wasn't. Clearly, now that doesn't seem to be the case. In any event...

“I owe a lot to Wicked Pictures contract star Jessica Drake,” Suleman said of the celebrated star in the Huffington Post. “She opened up my eyes to a whole world of self-pleasure that I could never have imagined.”

Suleman also praised the director and his team, adding “I don't think I could have asked for a better crew to work with. They were so patient and willing to teach me.”

Reflecting on her relationship with Suleman, Drake observed, “I am honored to have helped her explore her sexuality. As an emerging sex educator and as a woman, I realize the importance of understanding and claiming your own sexuality, and exploring your body through masturbation is a great place to start. Nadya is truly beautiful, and I'm so glad her first experience in our industry was so fulfilling.”

A collection of vignettes focusing on solo masturbation, Armstrong's production features Suleman in a variety of erotic scenarios, with each taking playful aim at different aspects of the media-established "Octomom" persona.

Of his decision to pick up the project for distribution, Wicked Pictures President and Owner Steve Orenstein said, “When approached by Nadya's management to distribute this video for them I was at first very skeptical and didn't feel this was a fit for Wicked. After meeting Nadya and understanding what a positive experience it was for her my perspective changed. We look forward to heping her get this into the marketplace and are confident people will be pleasantly surprised by what they see."

Suleman further emphasized that making the video was a positive experience. "I'm a more sexual being for having done this," she said. "It's the best, most powerful, and most liberating thing I've ever done."

The scenes will be available in the coming weeks on Wicked.com.