Wicked Pictures Releases <i>Curse Eternal</i> on HD DVD, Unveils Counter Displays

Wicked Pictures' award-winning Curse Eternal is set to debut in the HD DVD format on April 5. Directed by Brad Armstrong, the movie stars Jessica Drake, Kaylani Lei, Tory Lane and Keri Sable.

The release will join Wicked's horror movie spoof, Camp Cuddly Pines Powertool Massacre, on the HD shelves.

To display the company's product more effectively, Wicked is now providing countertop HD DVD display boxes for retailers.

Joy King, vice president of special projects, told AVN.com, "Because we know retailers don't have a place to really stock HD DVD titles, we created a counter display for the HD product."

The new displays are free to retailers. King explained, "Retailers can get the displays through their local distributor, but if they're having trouble finding them, they can call us directly and we'll point them in the right direction."

The displays will hold up to five pieces of product. King said, "We realize that there are a lot of titles on the market. We're just trying to give retailers a place to put the HD DVD titles so that they don't get lost in the shuffle."

King noted that Wicked's next HD DVD will be Armstrong's AVN award-winning FUCK. "We're pretty excited," King said of the format and displays.

Wicked Pictures can be contacted at (818) 349-3593.