Wicked Pictures Launches <i>Operation Desert Stormy</i>

Wicked Pictures has launched production on Operation Desert Stormy, a big-budget Stormy Daniels vehicle, written and directed by the glamorous contract star.

Shooting on the espionage-themed comedy began on Friday in Woodland Hills. The rain and chilly weather made a luau sequence planned for that evening an iffy proposition, but inside a second-floor bedroom, fires were lit early on between Stormy and Steven St. Croix, as a pair of bickering married spies.

With Stormy in front of the camera, technical directions were in the experienced hands of assistant director Jonathan Morgan. As on almost all of Wicked's big-ticket movies, Francois Clousot is director of photography.

Randy Spears co-stars as a rival secret agent, with Jenna Haze and Nicole Sheridan rounding out the female contingent. Ron Jeremy guest-stars as Hussein, a Mideast potentate with a passion for Jeopardy-style trivia games.

Daniels, who writes all the movies she directs, turned in a hefty script, and Wicked provided her with a big eight-day shooting schedule. Production continues through May 1.