Wicked Pictures Enjoying Four-Hour Comp Success

Wicked Pictures produced and released their first ever four-hour compilations from their catalog of AVN Award winning titles starting in September and the titles have been selling quite well for the company.

“We recognized that there was a whole other consumer out there who doesn’t normally get to see our product because they are not into story-driven stuff and hadn’t been comfortable cutting our movies up,” Wicked’s vice-president of special projects, Joy King, told AVN.com. “We decided to take the plunge and the response has been overwhelming. We have gotten full support from everyone. These things are selling internationally on a large scale. This was great undertaking for the company and we are thrilled with how it turned out.”

“We have is wonderful and we are maintaining the level of quality that consumers expect to get from Wicked. The authoring is top notch, the transfers are very well-done, and there are some extras on them and there is four hours of sex—not just four hours of what we decided to fill a four hour with,” King added. “We’ve been trying to do some themes to keep them interesting and since we have shot a lot of features that have been shot in special locations, we do try to put those common themes together so it’s not just another boy/girl comp. We really are just trying our best to keep our comps fresh and interesting so people keep coming back.”

Asked what the most fun part of creating the comps, King smiled and said, “The best part of doing this is probably coming up with a really good title and coming up with the right picture to send it home.”

Wicked has almost fifty of the four hour compilations available currently and they will release the first of their new girl-specific two hour comps in March of the coming year, starting with Forever Chasey, featuring the company’s first ever contract performer, AVN Hall Of Famer Chasey Lain.