Wicked Pictures Blaze into Blu-ray

CANOGA PARK - Wicked Pictures blazes into the Blu-ray market this week with the release of its war-themed blockbusters, Coming Home and Operation Desert Stormy. The AVN award winning titles arrive in 1080p high-def anamorphic wide screen presentation and 5.1 Dolby surround sound.

  Operation Stormy was named Best Sex Comedy by AVN this year and cemented Wicked Pictures contract player Stormy Daniels' standing as a formidable director/writer in the adult industry. Brad Armstrong's emotionally charged epic Coming Home earned the director an AVN award for Best Actor in 08 and was lauded by critics for its ability to mix sex and story seamlessly.

  July will see the Blu-ray release of  Armstrong's 2007 AVN award winning actioner, Manhunters (Best Film) and the jessica drake/Carmen Hart vehicle, Mobster's Ball.

  Wicked Pictures was the first adult studio to foray into high-def with the HD-DVD release of Camp Cuddly Pines Power Tool Massacre in 2006.

  Coming Home and Operation Desert Stormy are available on Blu-ray now. For more information visit www.WickedPictures.com.