Wicked Girl Jessica Drake Joins AVNInsider

Wicked Pictures contract performer Jessica Drake is AVNInsider.com’s latest columnist. Her column, titled “just jessica” will launch on Friday.

“I really wanted a column on AVNInsider because my previous experiences being a columnist for some other things didn’t put me in quite the same market as Insider does and Insider just doesn’t speak to the same kind of audience,” Drake told AVN.com. “I was writing just sex columns, which are fine, but I also wanted the opportunity to explore a more thoughtful side. I have done the sexy column thing quite a bit and there’s nothing wrong with it and I am not saying I won’t go that way again in the future but I have done that quite a bit and I would like to give people the opportunity to know more about me. A lot of people already know how I have sex so I want to give them a personal insight.”

“I like the layout of the site and I am a huge fan of the Blind Item,” Drake added. “I read all of the columnists. I really like Devinn [Lane] a lot and I like how the girls of Las Vegas Novelties rotate it out. I like Layla [Jade] and Jenna [Jameson]. I read everybody’s. I think my favorite columnist changes on a monthly basis.”