Wicked Girl & Author Asa Akira Joins Barstool Sports

LOS ANGELES—Wicked Girl and 2017 AVN Mainstream Crossover Star of the Year nominee Asa Akira is continuing to expand her pop culture outreach. The star of Brad Armstrong’s heavily award-nominated adult films DNA and The J.O.B., and the author of Insatiable Porn-A Love Story and Dirty Thirty-A Memoir, is officially a full time employee of Barstool Sports, widely considered to be one of the top independent sports and men’s lifestyle blog among the 21-34 year old male demographic. As the latest addition to the family, Asa will aid Barstool in driving quality content to an engaged readership by blogging, creating content, and co-hosting the site’s popular KFC Radio webcast twice a week with fellow hosts Kevin ‘KFC’ Clancy and John Feitelberg—all while continuing to shoot new adult projects exclusively for Wicked Pictures with the same dedication that’s made her one of the 21st Century’s most lauded adult performers.

"My title there is just 'full-time employee,' but I'll be blogging and creating video content in addition to the podcast," Asa told AVN. "It's just going to cover everything. It's not specifically about sports at all. I can talk about anything I want. Right now, I've already done a couple of episodes but we haven't officially started, and that will be happening next week. We were officially planning to start after Thanksgiving and making the official announcement but this last weekend, they had a live show, and a lot of rumors started flying around—who's leaving the show, who's joining the show—so they just wanted to make it clear, so they did an emergency announcement Monday morning.

"I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be able to have not just one, but two dream jobs," she added. "Between the announcement that I am joining Barstool, and the fact that I am going to be banging Missy Martinez for the first time next week as director Stormy Daniels yells at me, I feel very emotionally fulfilled." It’s a sentiment she’s expanded on in a new Barstool Sports blog entry, writing, "I am a porn star—and regardless of my new job, that will not change. Barstool is very understanding of my need to get doubly penetrated on a regular basis, and I will continue shooting movies for Wicked Pictures for probably forever.

"I'm still very much a Wicked girl; I'm not even cutting down of scenes or anything like that," she added. "Wicked has been very, very awesome about being flexible with my schedule and allowing me to venture out into different things. So I'm remaining a Wicked girl; I'm still very much shooting porn. I'm totally not ready to quit yet."

For his part, host Kevin Clancy sees her as an ideal addition to the popular podcast’s full-time lineup.

"She’s one of the most intriguing people I’ve ever met," Clancy said. "I’m fascinated by her. She’s a walking contradiction in some respects. She’s smart, funny, relatable, and then obviously has this other side of her where she has outrageous porn star stories. She’s one of a kind. I think finally having a female point of view is invaluable, and I have more chemistry with her than almost anyone."

When asked whether she'll have any Barstool duties at the Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE), Asa stated, "I don't know that we'll be podcasting from AEE, but we've definitely already been in discussion about AEE. It's coming up really soon and it is the industry's biggest event. Barstool actually sent two correspondents last year to do the red carpet, so this year, I'm definitely going to be involved in that. I will be signing at the Wicked booth every day in addition to creating some kind of content for Barstool. I'm not sure if it'll be podcasting or video or red carpet, but we will definitely be doing something."

AVN couldn't help asking, With all of your duties holding down two full-time jobs, when will you have time to sleep?

"You know, I do this to myself every year," Asa sighed. "I always sign up for so many things during AEE that by Sunday, I'm just ready to kill myself, and I always, every single year, I say, 'This is it. This is the last year I'm going to do this. I'm only going to sign for Wicked now,' and it just never works out that way. But I do feel very fortunate to be in that position, so it's a nice complaint to have."

Wicked Pictures President & Owner Steve Orenstein is very pleased with this new chapter in Asa’s career, noting "We’re very happy for Asa! We are glad to see Barstool Sports understands what a great asset she is."

To learn more about KFC Radio, visit Kfcradio.com/iTunes.

To learn more about Asa Akira, visit wicked.com.