Wicked Begins Rollout of New Seth Gamble Feature 'Iris'

LOS ANGELES—The first scene of Award-winning performer/director Seth Gamble's newest Wicked Pictures feature Iris premieres today on Wicked.com. Starring 2022 AVN Best New Starlet Blake Blossom, the new thriller’s trailer can be viewed here.

Iris centers on the psychological unraveling of a young woman; as the debut episode, "Unforgettable," begins, viewers are introduced to a rideshare driver (Blossom) who, feeling unseen by society, finds herself at the center of a series of brutal murders. Her passengers, seduced and then killed, seem to be victims of a vengeful force targeting those who once wronged her and stood by in silence. 

As the mystery deepens, the lines blur between reality and imagination, leaving the audience to wonder whether Iris is merely a bystander, or something more sinister is lurking beneath the surface.

“The movie asks the question, ‘What would you do if you felt so unseen in your daily life that you feel literally invisible?’” Gamble explained. “Is Iris driven by a thirst for revenge against a man who once tried to take advantage of her and the indifferent bystanders who let it happen, or is someone or something else killing these unsuspecting passengers? Is her sense of invisibility in society fueling her actions, compelling her to cross boundaries and commit acts that others would never dare consider? That’s the question: just what are the lengths to which a person can go when they feel unseen?”

In addition to Blossom, the A-list cast includes Jennifer White, Emma Hix, Charles Dera, Dan Damage and Alex Mack. Said the director of his ensemble, “Their skills in adding nuances to their characters enables the audience to perceive them as menacing, devious or innocent, much like our daily interactions with strangers in ‘real’ life. In a fast-paced feature like this, we catch only fragments and fleeting glimpses into their lives, but with talent of this caliber, the emotional depth feels genuine and authentic.”

In Blossom, Gamble says that he knew he’d found the perfect person to bring Iris to life. “Blake is an undeniable powerhouse," he praised. "Her dedication is truly inspiring. She doesn't merely act here; she fully inhabits the character of Iris! Despite her numerous awards, Blake never rests on her laurels, always striving for improvement, and the result is what I feel is truly a career-best performance here.”

"Given that it is a project with such strong emotions and attention to detail, it makes sense that this story came from an industry veteran," offered Blossom. "Being directed by Seth for this movie was a blast. I have worked alongside Seth for the last three years and each time I feel like I’ve become a better actor. It’s important to have good communication with your director when you’re playing such an intense role so that you can really pull every ounce of juice out of the character. Asking a lot of questions, no matter how small or stupid, really helped me dial in Iris. I thank Seth for approaching me with this opportunity, and I’m excited to include this project in my portfolio forever. I’m sure I won’t be able to shut up about this feature until next year’s awards, so I hope everyone can see this masterpiece!" 

Of the sex scene featured in "Unforgettable," Gamble enthuses, "Jennifer White and Charles Dera are the embodiment of the word 'professional.' I was really impressed by Charles’ subtlety and depth, which provided a strong contrast to Jennifer's more volatile character. Their intensity and authenticity made the sex incredibly powerful.”

The first episode of Iris, starring Blake Blossom, Jennifer White and Charles Dera, is available now exclusively on Wicked.com.